BeingWell Lifestyle aims to create a better state of well-being for companies regarding financial security, sustainable practices, operations excellence & market research. We provide financial & operations strategy, capital considerations, market assessments & business development services to maximize growth & resource utilization for organizations and entrepreneurs. We also offer interim management services and customized research and analytics. 

BeingWell Lifestyle is focused on helping companies with improving funding decisions & analysis, driving targeting frameworks & process re-design, creating strategic opportunities & partnerships, and improving employee engagement & well-being. Our efforts have grown to encompass many sectors including Business Services, Inclusive Health & Wellness, Occupational Safety & Training, Tech-enabled ESG & Impact, Societal Innovation & Well-being, Sustainable Consumer Products, and Data Providers. 

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Consulting & Research Team:

Adriana Portal Principal: Adriana leads packaging and sustainable product manufacturing & design, and helps companies develop ESG brand direction and visual identity to drive business growth and product adoption. She has extensive experience creating identities, branding systems, packaging, promotional materials and social media packages for a variety of markets; clients have included SONY, Office Depot, diverse entrepreneurs, advertising agencies/branding studios. Adriana is also the Assistant Professor of Design at Broward College where she develops and teaches design courses including typography and portfolio design and serves as an advisor for AIGA on campus. Adriana has a passion for pattern design and believes in its power to transform spaces. Inspired by nature, travel, and culture, her patterns are full of color, energy and spontaneity and aim to brighten the world.

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Aaron Powell Associate: Aaron manages data infrastructure and process as well as contributes to research and analysis, interpreting data, and assisting in implementation of business intelligence and ESG data solutions. Aaron focus on both industry and company research within the sports, digital fitness, social programming, future of work, legaltech, and edtech industries. He specializes in research focused on Millennials and Generation Z and other specialized demographic-based research efforts to drive insights across technology adoption, inclusion strategies, population health, and other key macro or social themes. He is pursuing his Masters in Sports Management at Georgetown University's McDonough School of Business after receiving his undergraduate degree in finance and international business from the same institution.

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Dr Loren Fishman M.D., B Phil., (oxon.) Principal: Loren leads all medical research and related population health efforts and blends decades of operating and medical experience to advice companies in the healthcare, consumer, and education verticals. Loren is on the staff at Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons with a private practice in New York City.  He is known for using electrophysiological diagnoses for low back pain and piriformis syndrome, and using alternative methods, especially yoga, in treating orthopedic and metabolic conditions. His research (1) extended electromyography into realms previously confined to physical examination, (2) evaluated the effects of specific yoga poses in the treatment many conditions including low back pain, osteoporosis, scoliosis, and rotator cuff syndrome, (3) utilizes functional assessment to determine the trajectory and end-point of patients’ recovery of independence after hospitalization. Loren is the author or editor of over 100 academic articles and has written many books including Functional Electromyography: Provocative Maneuvers in Electrodiagnosis and Trust: The Spiritual Impulse After Darwin.

Nicolas de Alejo Principal: Nicolas is an innovative and engaging leader with 15+ years in financial services including significant ESG investment and integration experience. Nicolas leads ESG Research and CFO Services practices. He spent almost 10 years at BlackRock where he spent time leading platform initiatives and managing investment risk as a Portfolio Manager for Emerging Markets Fixed Income. He spent considerable time integrating various ESG platform efforts and fielding client requests for ESG products and investment views. He also led diversity, training, wellness, and other firmwide initiatives. Nicolas co-Founded the ESG / Corporate Governance working group for EM Investor Alliance and spearheaded initiatives for inaugural ESG Investor Conference. He began his career at JMP Securities as a generalist covering Financial Services, Healthcare and Technology, as well as a specific focus on Chinese cross-border transactions. Nicolas received a B.S. degree in both Finance and Accounting with a minor concentration in Economics from Georgetown University.

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