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Corporate WELLNESS strategy and execution

Given the current times and significant shifts in workplace settings and employee connectivity, we have simplified our product offerings into one virtual well-being corporate membership, Corporate Connection. Corporate Connection is a perfect solution for HR departments, business leads, people managers, resource groups, or other company decision makers who can help to better engage their employees with well-being offerings!

  • Primary offerings are movement, mindfulness and nutrition via video conferencing to help employees create positive, healthy habits while adjusting to the new WFM paradigm

  • Other offerings include specific workshops (+2hours) and WellChats which are highly informative chats with wellness experts who can provide insight and tangible solutions to benefit employee's well-being

  • Concierge services for executives, conferences, smaller teams or specific needs are available based on request

We make programming seamless and enjoyable for employees and HR departments alike.

  • Multiple connectivity solutions

    • Zoom Video

    • Cisco WebEX​

    • Google Meet

    • Company System

  • Multiple payment solutions

    • Intuit QuickBooks

    • Stripe

    • Venmo

    • Paper Invoice

Nicolas de Alejo creates and executes programming related to Movement, Meditation and Breathwork, Julia Conlangelo, LCSW creates and executes programming related to Mindfulness & Emotional Regulation and Anya Rosen creates and executes programming related to Nutrition. Our experts lead with love and have extensive training & experience across the various well-being modalities (see About page). They also have corporate working experience to create more empathetic programming for your teams and employees.

Customized wellness options

HIIT / High Intensity

Interval training consisting of intense anaerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods


Various yoga styles including Vinyasa, Slow Flow, Power, Alignment, Yin, Restorative

Posture / Ergonomics

Posture integration strategies to develop better posture at the office & home


Various techniques to aid employees in achieving greater focus, relaxation and connection


Workshops cover all modalities offered and run 2+ hours depending on needs

Sculpt / Pilates

Slow to medium pace body weight exercises to build muscle definition and support

Stretching / Mobility

Various stretching exercises for the office & home to create more mobility and less tension


Strategies to aid mental & physical performance and improve eating-related behaviors


Multiple breathing strategies to a achieve a clearer state of mind and body, and better circulation 


WellChats combine deep research & practical application to address several topics

You can schedule a brief consultation with one of our care specialists by completing our form which can be found HERE

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