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Research approach

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Innovative research solutions

BeingWell Research (BR) is a collaborative resource which explores business resiliency and the connection between companies long-term business results and their impact to their community and society at large. BR serves to be a resource for sharing skills and insights to enable awareness and collective learning as it relates to ESG, sustainability, and related concepts

  • Our model is simple in that we aim to connect companies to concerns (C2C)

  • Integrate both traditional (company CSR & ESG data) and alternative data (asset owners & managers, ESG data providers, private organizations, NGOs, news & social media, and other stakeholder-generated data sources) into our C2C framework and drive all insights based on quality and availability of data ​​​​


Our research is organized in a way to create collaboration & insights where there is a central theme that is driven by different pods of expertise and supported by a centralized data & analytics process

  • Individual experts explore concerns for both industries and companies using a common language and datasets


  • Themes are explored and validated based on level of insights across all experts (where applicable)​

  • Our experts perform basic and/or applied research to address urgent issues or relevant themes that fall within the general scope of their pod classification (climate, supply chain, security, health & safety)

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We look forward to working closely with you to explore complex issues around business resiliency and long-term value. For all research publications inquiries, please contact

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